Up-Coming Workshops


Adjustment & Alignment Workshop


 Saturday March 23 2019 from 2:30 to 6:30

Investment; $85


This workshop is for students and instructors! You don’t need to be a yoga instructor to learn yoga asana alignments/adjustments! You will learn to practice adjustment and assisting techniques on each other as a way to deepen the yoga practice, teaching and encouraging others to practice beyond this class!

It is of the upmost importance to understand how to execute proper hands-on adjustments and alignment cues in your yoga practice in order to protect your skeletal structure while providing benefits, added strength and support to the muscular system. You will have plenty of time to experience practicing hands-on adjustments/assists with your fellow workshop attendees. You will learn the foundational aspect of each pose and how to keep yourself and the students safe and supported. We will incorporate modifications and props to build a deeper understanding of each pose, along with deepening your own practice.


TWISTS & BACK BENDS: You will learn proper alignment, the role that the gluteus, rotator cuffs and the erector-spine muscles play in backbends/twists, safe and supportive adjustments/assists for backbends and twisting poses. You will have plenty of time to experience and practicing hands-on adjustments/assists with your fellow workshop attendees. You will learn why core strength in these poses are important in keeping the pose safe and feeling great. We will incorporate modifications and props to build a deeper backbend/twist practice. Open your heart to the possibility! FORWARD FOLDS AND HIP-

HIP OPENERS: You will learn proper alignment, adjustments/assists, modifications and understand the role of the quadratus femoris, gemellus and piriformis in forward-folds and hip-openers! You will have the opportunity to practice hands-on assists on each other in a supportive and nurturing way. Our Hips and Legs ground us to Earth… Be connected, Be Open and Free. INVERSIONS

INVERSIONS: Inversions can be some of the most frustrating yet fun-and-exciting and rewording asanas of all asanas! You will be guided through proper hands on adjustments/assists techniques as well as proper alignment and modifications for teaching and practicing inversions. You’ll learn what role the rotator cuffs, rhomboids and core muscles play in inversions. You don’t need to be a yoga instructor to learn yoga asana alignments/adjustments! You will learn to practice adjustment and assisting techniques on each other as a way to deepen the yoga practice, teaching and encouraging others to practice inversions, beyond this class, will be fun and rewarding to all. Let go of the fear, we are here to support you!

Investment; $85


Ayurveda Spring Awakening

Sat. April 13 – 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00

• Learn the basic concepts of Ayurveda, the ancient sister science of Yoga, and more specifically this current season’s dosha, Kapha, that we are all experiencing. We will explore how to find more balance through asana, meditation, devotion, diet and lifestyle.

• Followed by a tapas (purification through heat) inducing Vinyasa Flow to bust thru the heavy downward moving energy of Kapha and use fire and air to move outward and upwards. Entering the next season in balance from the last is key in Ayurvedic practice.

• We will then share some yummy Ayurvedic foods appropriate for Kapha season and have a fun and interactive Q&A session.

• Great for all students looking to deepen their practice and incorporate more
yoga in their diet and lifestyle. Excellent for teachers to see Yoga thru the lens of its sister science and deepen their teachings and personal practice.

***bring a notebook, incase you are inspired to take notes.

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Pre-register $45, Day of $50




Acro Yoga Workshop – with Jason Kierce

Saturday April 27 – 2019 from 12:00pm to 2:00


Acro Yoga is a partner based yoga practice that incorporates elements of Acrobatics and Yoga. Acro teaches high levels of communication, trust, community and confidence all wrapped up in a super core and totally body workout of fun. You don’t need a partner to get started, just a willingness to learn in an atmosphere of positive vibes.

In the “Intro to Acro” class you’ll learn some of the basic moves and string them together in a flow. The moves are Plank, Bird, Bow, Folded Leaf, Hippie Twist, Side Star, High Flying Whale, Throne and Shoulder Stand.
Acro is an adventurous play land to learn, share, experiment and grow with others.

No experience necessary and fun guaranteed!

Cost: $30 pre-register/$35 day of
$55 for two people pre-register

Directly after this Fun workshop you can also walk over to the Langtree Lake Norman for the Hops Fest that starts at 3pm!!

More about Jason Kierce, Founder of Charlotte Acronuts: Jason has been an avid yoga practitioner for about 13 years. Yoga is a huge part of his daily life. After graduating Yoga Teacher Training at Y2 Yoga in May of ’15 he founded Charlotte Acronuts. Now with the same passion for yoga, he holds weekly Acro Jams and offers private lessons and parties. Check our FaceBook page for lots of pictures and videos. Also, for dates and times of upcoming Jams.
Come learn to fly with us!


Yoga & Live Music Sound Healing

Sunday April 28 from 3:00 to 4:30

Ashlyn and Austin will be leading you on an internal and external journey of your being. They will guide you inside of yourself through an all levels chakra yoga flow with live sound. The class will wrap up with a gentle restorative yoga flow including sound healing and a 15 minute savasana.

$25 before day of event
$30 day of

Feel the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, a gong, flutes, didgeridoo, drums, voice, and more. Entering into meditative states gives the body the opportunity to transcend the physical, mental, and emotional limitations.

Feel free to bring your own bolsters, pillows, blankets, water bottles, and anything else that will create comfortability for you.

Once expanded, you will have access to inner wisdom and ability to activate your innate healing capacity. You may also gain insight, be inspired, release stress, quiet the mind, dissolve limiting beliefs, encourage positive change, open the heart, and much more!

Yoga means Union. The practice of yoga is the path of self-discovery by bringing the mind, body and soul into union. Its the practice of focusing on the here & now, being present. It is in the present moment where we can find our power, our freedom & happiness. We spend so much of our time living in the past, worried about something that already happened or longing for the future, ready for the next thing and this creates suffering. The physical practice of yoga (asana) is not only a work out but a work in. When we start to tune in to what’s happening inside instead of constantly being plugged in to everything going on around us (phones, computers, tv, social media, etc.) we tap into the present, into a deep sense of self-awareness, in to our personal power & heal worn out patterns and behaviors that cause suffering. Yoga heals the mind, body, and soul and can therefore alleviate stress, anxiety, mood swings, sleeping disorders, digestive issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, limited range of motion, hand-eye coordination, tension in both mind and body, etc.

The tonal properties of these instruments promote healing of the nervous system, digestive and metabolic systems, and of the physical body as the brainwaves slow down to meditative and deeply restful states through a scientific process called entrainment.

This immersive environment of tone and vibration eases participants into a state of relaxation in which the brainwaves slow down to the Theta rhythm (the first stage of sleep). Deep healing can take place in this state.

Sound therapy is highly effective at providing relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, hearts disease, trauma, depression, anxiety and cancer treatment therapies. The benefits of this therapy can be received regardless of the recipients ability to hear sound.




 Yoga by the Lake


Sat. May 4 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:pm

Fri. June 21 2019 (International Yoga Day)  from 5:00pm to 8:pm

Sat. Aug. 10 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:pm

Sept. TBA

$10 – One hour of Yoga and a cold D9 Brew

LangTree Lake Norman is hosting Yoga by the Lake on 2019. Doors open at 5:00pm, event goes to 8:00pm Tickets are ($8 early-bird, until April 15) $10 online if purchased before the event, or $15 CASH at the door! This includes an hour of yoga from 6:00 to 7:00 taught by Andy and Tamara of Vinyasa Arts, a beer from your favorite local brewery, D9. Raffle tickets will be for sale for a chance to win some awesome prizes! $1 per ticket or $10 for 12 tickets. Please arrive by 5:00pm to set up, register and enjoy a refreshing beer.

*Disclaimer: CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR; ID check required for alcoholic beverages. All new participants must fill out a waiver*

Online Price:

($8 early-bird, until April 15) $10 online if purchased before the event, or $15 CASH ONLY at the door! = yoga, beer.



Sat. May 4 2019 from 5:00pm tom 8:pm

Fri. June 21 2019 (International Yoga Day)  from 5:00pm tom 8:pm

Sat. Aug. 10 2019 from 5:00pm tom 8:pm


Time: Doors open at 5:00 – Event ends at 8:00pm (yoga from 6pm to 7pm)

Vinyasa Arts, 100% Organic Yoga.


Past Workshops


Handstands and Press-Ups Workshop

Saturday March 9 2019 from 12:30 to 2:30

Investment; $45


Want to learn how to make your handstand stronger?

This workshop is for you! Never done a handstand? Don’t worry, we’ll cover the fundamentals before we move onto harder exercises.

Workshop will include:

-Proper alignment techniques for Hand, Arm and Shoulders.

-Mobility and strength exercises for shoulders.

-Passive and active yoga asanas for hip and leg mobility.

-Proper alignment for side and front splits and how they influence your handstand/Press-Ups.

-The role of activating the core while transitioning into, holding and transitioning out of your    handstands.

-How to use the wall and props for building strength in your Press-Up.

-How to change “Hopping” to “Floating”.

-Away-from-wall handstands/Press-Ups with experienced teachers spotting for safety.

-Progressive practice techniques as needed for individualized advancement.

 Andy & Tamara Totmam are 500 Hour ERYT and have been teaching for over 25 years combined. Instructors may receive CEUs from Yoga Alliance for this training




Evening of Kirtan & Satsang with Andrew & Austin

Saturday Feb. 23 – 2019 from 5:00pm – 6:00


You are invited to join Kirtankars for an evening of Satsang and Kirtan, singing beautiful Sanskrit chants as a group at Vinyasa Arts Yoga Studio. There is no experience necessary, we will sing easy bhajans (songs). Feel free to bring hand drums, singing bowls, finger cymbals, shakers, maracas, or any other small instrument of your choice. We look forward to singing with you!

Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist musician and sound therapist who has a deep love for anything involving sound. His journey started with four years of music theory and guitar training, beginning at the age of 13. He is also a singer, songwriter and music composer, as well as lead singer and musician performing kirtan at satsangs. His other instruments include: piano, harmonium, a variety of flutes, hand drums and more. As a sound therapist, Andrew has trained with the Acutonics system, which utilizes tuning forks on acupuncture points and meridian lines. He also uses gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and other instruments in the application of sound therapy and for group sound meditations.




Ayurveda 102 – The Energy of Food – with Victoria Martinez

Sunday Feb. 24 – 2019 from 2:00pm to 5:00

Ayurveda 102 – The Energy of Food

Can food be medicine?

This fun and interactive workshop will include:

• Review the basic concepts of Ayurveda

• 60min Vinyasa flow and learn how certain types of movement are more balancing during different seasons and for different constitutions or doshas.

• Have a fun and interactive lecture on the energy of food. We will discuss food as medicine to balance your specific constitution and end the vicious cycle of dieting!

It’s undeniable that everything around us is energy. Food itself is the building blocks that when broken down create the raw materials that animate and give our bodies life. I spent decades hating food, it made me fat! Yet I loved to eat it and then hate myself for it. It was a vicious cycle that left me feeling depleted, over weight and unhappy. Until I discovered Ayurveda.

Ayurveda showed me that food was not my enemy but that food could actually be medicine. That different foods have a different quality or vibration. I was already a yogi so when I learned that foods had a particular chakra it made sense to me and perhaps it will for you too!

Great for all students looking to deepen their pratice and incorporate more yoga in their diet and lifestyle. Excellent for teachers to see Yoga thru the lens of its sister science and deepen your teachings and your personal practice.

3 CEC Registered YACEP

Early Bird $45

Day of $50

Sunday Feb 24




Arm Balance Workshop

 Feb. 15 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm



Arm Balances are among the most powerful group of the yoga asana practice. When we balance on our hands, it can take us back to a child-like play, subconsciously reminding us of crawling on our hands, FUN!

Arm balances test our strength and patience, requiring us to fortify a solid base for support and persistence. Learn the steps to stabilize, explore and to advance your boundaries in the fun and challenging world of arm balances!

Come lighten your heart and have fun practicing some of the more advanced yoga postures. This workshop will include introduction (proper alignment and hands on adjustments) to postures such as Bakasana (Crane), Parsva Bakasana (Side Crane), Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Flying Locus/Flying Splits), and may more exciting and challenging arm-balances.

Don’t quite have your arm-balances down yet? No worries, in this workshop we will also go over specific, yet simple, exercises that will target your same muscle fibers that are used in balancing on your hands. You have your arm-balances down solid? Great!!! Then we can learn to float/transition from one arm-balance to the next, blending into your regular yoga practice.

Come float on your hands and turn your world upside down with us! NAMASTE!

This workshop qualifies for Yoga Alliance CEU’s as Continuing Education, you must learn something that is new to you, relates directly to yoga, and falls into the Teaching Methodology (TM) category. Current teachers will receive information at the workshop on filing. 




Sacred Sounds Meditation with Austin & Andrew

Sunday Jan. 27 – 2019 from 3:00pm to 4:30


Sacred Sounds Meditation is a combination of sounds from gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, flute, didgeridoo, tingshas, tuning forks, bells. The sounds and vibrations of these instruments will gently ease you into a state of deep relaxation and peace..

The class will begin with basic breathing exercises and Bija Mantras (basic seed sounds like Om) to tone our energies with crystal singing bowls. This will assist in aligning both our individual energy and chakras, as well as our group energies. Then you are welcome to stay sitting up or lie down and enjoy improvised sound journey, based on the energies needed for the group. Feel free to bring your yoga mat, blankets and pillows to allow for maximum comfort. Cost: $25


Ayurveda 101- The Doshas with Victoria Martinez

Sat. Feb. 2 – 2019 from 2:00PM to 5:00

Ayurveda 101- What is your Dosha?
Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, it teaches us to live life in balance with nature. It helps us to find exactly what that balance is for each one of us. We will explore the three doshas or constitutions; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. How each of these constitutions have both physical, mental and emotional characteristic that identify them. By the end of the workshop you will have the tools to identify your own dosha and what asanas are best to help you find balance.

Ayurveda can be used to help us create and maintain healthy relationships. It can help us to better understand ourselves, and the people in our lives. We can work with our natural strengths to help balance each other out. We can stop trying to “change” others to fit our needs, and instead accept a person’s characteristics as a part of their wholeness, and honor who they are and most importantly honor who we are.

Great for all students looking to deepen their pratice and incorporate more yoga in their diet and lifestyle. Excellent for teachers to see Yoga thru the lens of its sister science and deepen your teachings and your personal practice.

3 CEC Registered YACEP

Early Bird $45

Day of $50


Sun Salutations – Demystify the Basics!

 Saturday May 19 – 2018 12pm-2pm

Workshop Leaders: Andy & Tamara Totman; Whether you’re new to vinyasa yoga or you’ve been practicing for years, breaking down the asanas into all of their minor alignments can deepen your practice and improve your experience!

While it can be tempting, and sometimes fun, to hurry through each pose and get your heart rate going, breaking down each asana and mindfully moving in your vinyasa sequence can make a dramatic difference in your yoga practice!

Join Andy & Tamara Totman, as they break down some of the key poses in Sun Salutations A & B ( Surya Namaskar A & B) so that you are able to enjoy the full experience! You will develop a functional understanding of individual asanas and the flowing links between them. We will strip Sun Salutations down to the core, examine the movements piece by piece, then rebuild and reintegrate them into your practice, layer by layer. This workshop will leave you with a safer approach and a stronger foundation of these crucial vinyasa movements.

In this Sun Salutation workshop we will cover the following: – Alignment and anatomy of individual postures, with special attention to chaturanga dandasana – Beginner, intermediate, and advanced transitional movements, including jumping – How to build strength and awareness to progress in transitional movements – Movements and poses that help prepare the body for full postures and advanced transitions – How to access the postures safely without straining wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and lower back – Ways to modify sun salutation movements and postures for safety and ease.