Learn to Cultivate your Vinyasa Arts Yoga Practice! This class is ideal for the student that has been practicing vinyasa yoga for less than one year, beginners are welcome. This class prepares you for the Vinyasa Arts Inspire class! The class moves at a slower pace, using props and modifications as needed. A lot of detail is put into proper alignment, and detail to each pose. Plenty of demonstration and some hands-on assist are also used to help guide each student. This class is heated and moves to music & Breath. (Cultivate is a choreographed sequence created by Master Yogis, Andy & Tamara Totman, owners of Vinyasa Arts Yoga Studio.)



Vinyasa Arts Inspire Yoga Class is designed to build internal strength, awareness and flexibility to prepare you for Vinyasa Arts Fly! In this class you will experience the BEST of everything Vinyasa yoga has to offer. This class is integrative, creative, uplifting and intelligent Vinyasa sequencing of yoga asanas (postures) with a strong focus on movement corresponding with the breath, rhythm and music. There will also be plenty of hands on assists. You will practice breath awareness and proper alignment techniques that will transition you safely in and out of asanas. Expect an invigorating, comprehensive experience including, forward folds, back bends, twists, inversions, arm balances, standing balancing postures and seated postures. Our skilled instructors offer an atmosphere of trust and adventure for all bodies with optional advanced variations & novice modifications, including exploration, wall work and props. Inspiring music often plays an integral role in this class. All who are willing to be inspired are welcome! This class is heated. (Inspire is a choreographed sequence created by Master Yogis, Andy & Tamara Totman)



Vinyasa Arts Fly Yoga class is a progressive class that is not a choreographed sequence, yet more improvisation! Even the most “advanced” yoga practitioners strive for the beginners mind! So, be ready to learn something new, be ready to be challenged, be ready to have fun, be ready to FLY! You WILL practice arm balances in this class; as well as, creative transitions in and out of more advanced poses. This class is designed for more experienced yogis with a solid understanding of basic yoga postures who are comfortable performing more advanced asanas (poses). This is for the advanced-intermediate student that practices yoga regularly and has begun to master connection of breath with movement. Plenty of hands-on assists and inspiring music! This class is heated.